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There is no doubt that renewable energy for your home is the next investment that every homeowner should make. By reducing your reliance on fossil fuels you’ll not only be helping the environment, you’ll also be able to reduce your energy bills and become more self-sufficient.


If you choose to power your home with renewable energy you’ll have an effective source of power and heat all year round. Solar panels and air source heat pumps will take care of that, and you can be sure that as one of the most trusted solar panel maintenance companies around we’ll keep your systems working effectively and efficiently.

Renewable Energy For Your Home

Home renewable energy systems are affordable, and with modern technology they are also effective and easy to use. There is no reason not to choose renewable energy for your home, as being able to power your home with renewable energy is a great solution for everyone.


Revolution Care are the professional renewable energy company that can install, maintain, and repair energy systems for you. We’ll ensure that every part of the system works at maximum efficiency, right down to the cleanliness of your solar panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance Companies

Solar panel maintenance companies can keep your renewable energy systems running effectively and providing renewable energy for your home every day of the year. Every part of your system can be checked and maintained, meaning that you can be certain your installation is safe, and that you are obtaining the maximum benefit from it.


When you power your home with renewable energy, you want to know that the energy is being produced effectively. A maintenance schedule gives you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you are doing all you can for the environment, reducing your energy bills, and using every part of the renewable energy for your home that you can.

Can You Power YOUR Home with Renewable Energy?

Our professional team can provide advice on new renewable energy installations and on the maintenance or repair of existing systems. If you are in any doubt or have any queries you’d like to have answered, please get in touch.


We want to help you make the best choices when using renewable energy for your home, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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We service a wide range of renewable energy systems so please contact us if your system is not listed.
Revolution Care, the multi-award winning suppliers of renewable (green) energy sources such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Panels and Solar Photovaltaic (Solar PV), heating and power systems, are pleased to announce our new service packages.

Global Benefits of Using Renewable


  • Reduced local emissions

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Global sustainability

  • Inexhaustible supply of heat

  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuel

Benefits of Maintaining your System with Revolution Care

  • Protect your investment

  • Keep your system working at it's peak efficiency

  • Maintain the warranty

  • A company you can trust

  • Experienced staff

Join The Revolution
With over 25 years of combined experience in renewable energy our committed team of professionals will be able to provide advice and know-how so that if something does go wrong you know that it will be expertly dealt with quickly and professionally.