Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pump services.

Air source heat pump services.

With a NIBE air source heat pump, you can reduce heating costs by up to 50% compared to direct electricity. You can also enjoy an environmentally friendly, renewable and free energy source that minimises your CO2 emissions.

Air source heat uses outdoor air, one of nature’s free and renewable energy sources and can operate at external temperatures as low as minus 20°C

Air source heat pumps are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive

Monthly Plans and Services
Bronze Contract
  • Inspection and servicing of heat pump, to ensure it is being run efficiently.

  • Inspection and servicing of hot water cylinder.

  • Visual check of outdoor heat exchanger.

  • Visual check for oil or leakage.

  • Check integrity of pipe work insulation.

  • Check electrical connections.

Silver Contract
  • Check integrity of pipe work insulation

  • Check electrical connections

  • Check compressor operating current

  • Record compressor operating period on/off run times.

  • Clean filters water piping

  • Expansion relief valve inlet control set check discharge pipe work.

  • 1 free callout

Gold Contract
  • Our Gold contract is exclusively for those who have had their system installed by us and who purchased their Gold contract at the time of their installation.

    If you have had a Gold contract in the past you will be eligible for this.

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