Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair And When It Becomes Necessary

Heat pump repair is something that owners of renewable energy systems may need from time to time. Whether you have an air source or a ground source system fitted on your property, there are problems common to both that could sometimes need attention. Many of these issues can be avoided by ensuring that you choose the right company to install the system in the first place; others can be prevented by maintaining a proper, ongoing maintenance schedule. Either way, if your system is not generating the heat you expect, it’s time to call in the experts to diagnose the problem.

Air source heat pump repairs require a special set of skills, and we’ll take care to ensure that the heat pump repair service we provide is second to none. If you’re trying to find a heat pump repair service near me and want the job completing professionally to the highest standard, you can be certain that we’ll get your heat pump problems solved with the minimum of fuss.

Air Source Heat Pump Repairs

Heat Pump Repair Near Me

The technology behind heat pumps has been around for some time, but many old-school repair and maintenance companies are struggling to adapt to the times. When you look for heat pump repair near me, you’re actually looking for the most competent and qualified team to resolve your problem – and
that’s where we come in.


We’ve worked hard to not only learn everything we can about modern renewable energy systems, but we’re constantly expanding our knowledge through both training and research to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Finding heat pump repair near me that is provided by a competent and knowledgeable team will make your heat pump repairs much more effective and – importantly – mean that any repairs are completed quickly and to a high standard. It’s no good to have a company providing heat pump repair near me if
you’re going to need a second repair a week later, and we do everything within our power to ensure the first fix is the final fix.

Our prices are competitive, and we’ll provide solutions that work for you. We’re not here to provide “off the shelf” solutions as we know they don’t work for every customer, so we’ll thoroughly check what you need before commencing repair work.


If you’ve been searching for a heat pump repair service near me it’s likely that you’ve experienced a problem with your heat pump and you want it repaired quickly. Finding a heat pump repair service near me means that you want a local business to take care of your heat pump which is great for two reasons.


First, using a heat pump repair service that is local means that we can get to you sooner than any distant or national company. We know the area and we believe this local knowledge sets us apart. Second, we provide air source heat pump repairs to people in our area - this means that we do our absolute best to provide a top quality service, as we believe the local community is vitally important.

As a local company, we care about our area, and so believe that all customers looking for heat pump repair near me deserve a top-class service.

So stop searching for another heat pump repair service near me as Revolution Care will provide the heat pump repair service that you need quickly and efficiently.

Heat Pump Compressor Repair

Your heat pump compressor is a vital component that ensures heat is distributed efficiently between the indoor and outdoor sections of the pump. If you are experiencing less than optimum performance from your air source heat pump, you may be in need of heat pump compressor repair.

A substance known as “refrigerant” is circulated around your renewable energy system to transfer heat from one location to another. In the case of a heat pump, this refrigerant absorbs the heat from outside and releases it again on the inside of the building. If circulation is interrupted, the process fails as the
heat cannot be moved from one place to another.

The compressor circulates the refrigerant, so should the compressor fail or become inefficient for any other reason, the refrigerant cannot be circulated in the appropriate manner.

In this instance, rapid heat pump compressor repair is necessary to get your system running efficiently again. It may be that a single component has failed within the compressor, or the whole compressor may need replacing – our team have the expertise to identify the fault quickly, and complete your heat
pump compressor repair with the minimum of fuss at a price that suits your pocket.

We have extensive knowledge of how heat pumps interlink with the rest of your renewable energy system, and we’ll provide a solution that works for your individual setup. Air source heat pump repairs completed by a professional team will prove to be reliable and cost effective.

Proper Investment In Quality Supply And Fitting Will Reduce The Need For Heat Pump Repair Cost

The other area that often causes homeowners problems is if the equipment and parts installed are cheap. Again, this is partly caused by the company’s desire to win the job by offering the most attractive price; and partly due to a lack of understanding of the technology involved. Some suppliers may source parts that are made for markets where the climate is much different – more sunshine, less rain. The UK has a very different climate and your heat pump repair cost will be significantly higher if this isn’t taken into account.


Should you require repair to your installation, finding a company that offers a heat pump repair service near me will make the most sense, as a local company will understand the climate and the requirements for a fully working heating system.

Obviously, one of the benefits renewable energy technologies promise is an overall saving in the cost of utility bills. But this is only ever achievable if the initial investment is made in the right equipment. So if you’re thinking of having an air or ground source heat pump installed and a quote you’ve received looks too good to be true, then it probably is. It’s worth spending more at the outset for a system that does have the potential to save you money over the longer term.

Call Revolution Care For Expertise in Installation And Heat Pump Repair

You can keep the costs of heat pump repair down by making certain that the company you hire to advise on, install and service the equipment is properly knowledgeable and experienced in the field. At Revolution Care, we’ve been working as heat pump engineers since 2005 and our knowledge and skills in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of renewable technologies has grown considerably as the years have passed. Whether you’re looking for a one-off repair, an ongoing service contract or solar panel maintenance  to give you peace of mind, contact us for expert, friendly and professional assistance.

If you want heat pump repair near me, Revolution Care can provide the service you need to get everything running in just the way you want it to. Our heat pump repair service is effective and efficient, and we provide cost effective heat pump repair options all year round.


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