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The Best Ways to Maintain and Preserve Your Solar Panels

The sun is an incredibly powerful source of energy, and solar power panels have perfected the art of harnessing this resource to power our homes and more. Did you know that the energy that the sun provides for just one hour can possibly meet the energy needs for over a year? At the current rate we harness it with our technology, we are only able to make use of 0.001 of that amazing source of energy. It is exciting to see how much farther innovation can take us in the future!

Even if we only harness a small amount of what solar energy offers, it already offers a multitude of functions and benefits that make our lives better, along with our environment.

The way these amazing solar panels work is that they convert sunlight into electricity, which is why it is important that you always leave your solar panels clean and dirt-free. In case dirt or debris accumulate on your solar panel, you may be seeing a decrease of around 1 to 4.7 percent in the solar panels’ performance. While this may seem like a small difference, having this dirt accumulate for long-term can actually impair its energy production by up to 20 percent.

Clean solar panels lead to efficient energy production: this is the rule you need to remember to preserve the quality and efficiency of your solar panels for a really long time. We’ve probably already stressed just how much a clean solar panel can mean to you, but how do you really maintain your solar panel to ensure that they keep producing energy at their best?

You’ve come to the perfect place because we created this handy guide for you to know the best ways to maintain and preserve your solar panels! Read on to find out how and why you need to look after your solar panels.

Why You Should Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar panel maintenance is the answer when it comes to keeping a strong, properly functioning, effective, and efficient energy system. Some people may think of solar panels as tedious and time-consuming but it’s actually quite the opposite; Solar panels are essentially pretty low maintenance. In comparison to generators that require constant replacement and repairs, you just need to keep a close eye on the health and cleanliness of your solar panels.

A study conducted by Google at their Californian solar farm was able to find out that cleaning solar panels effectively doubled their electricity output. That finding alone should be enough to convince you to routinely check on your trusty solar panels, so that they can better serve you for longer!

Now, how does one really clean solar panels? We have gone on and on about just how important it is, but you may still be wondering about what it really takes. This is actually a common concern about people who have just got solar panels installed but even for those who have had them for a long time, knowing how to correctly and properly clean it is vital.

Every solar panel is different, which is why we recommend that you consult with the manufacturer or the instruction manual first. You may have a solar panel that requires for a very specific cleaning method, so it is best if you consult with the manufacturer’s guide first.

If there is no specific guideline on how you should clean your solar panel, then read on for our standardised manual on keeping your panels in their tip-top condition. Safety first, of course! Be sure to turn off your energy system before trying out any of the cleaning methods we have listed below.

Before getting down to the whole cleaning process, you should know that there is an optimal time to clean your solar panels. This is during an overcast day, very early in the morning, or in the evening. This is because a hot day with the sun beating down will cause the soap suds or water to quickly evaporate and leave smears of dirt.

We recommend that you use our tips below during the early morning, and take extra safety precautions. While there are solar panels that are installed on the ground, having it situated on top of roofs are a common occurrence as well. Be sure that you have sufficient safety gear, and that you have a companion that can help you out.

If you’ve already got the perfect hour and safety precautions in check, then it’s time to clean your solar panels!

First (and probably easiest) is for you to get rid of all the dirt, leaves, and whatever may have accumulated on your solar panel with a standard garden hose. Yes, something that you can easily find in your backyard may very well be your go-to equipment for cleaning your solar panel!

Just be sure your garden hose is not one that exudes too much pressure, as that may just end up damaging the device. Settle for one that effectively gets rid of all the dust and dirt, while being gentle on your precious energy system.

For the most part, this method should be enough to clean your solar panel. Doing this every week or so should ensure that there would be no build-up that will hinder its performance. However, if water through a garden hose does not seem to be doing the trick, it may be time to exert a little extra effort.

Second, you can fill a bucket or spray bottle with soap and warm water. You only need those two ingredients, and that should be enough to slough off any stubborn dirt stuck on the solar panel. Double check that the water isn’t too hot though!

After spritzing on the water and soap solution, you can clean the surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Do this to wipe away any excess build-up.

If it seems like it is too high or too far for you to reach, you can attach a sponge or rag on a long pole. After which, you can use the hose to get rid of any extra suds that might be left behind.

Our rule of thumb in cleaning solar panels is “consistency along with moderation is key”. You don’t have to keep scrubbing your panels every day, but that does not mean you should just neglect them either!

If you are wondering how you can monitor your solar panels without having to climb up and take a peek every day, then read on!

Monitoring Your Solar Panels

Obviously, the best way to keep your solar panels working at top efficiency is to keep constant tabs on its health. While you can just take a closer look by going physically closer, that method is too time-consuming and may become hazardous at times.

Thankfully enough, monitoring systems have been innovated to help you maximise use from your solar panels. These solar monitoring systems are equipped with technology that can help you be aware of the nitty-gritty details of your panel’s performance.

It can give you information regarding the energy consumption and generation, as well as the ways that you can optimise your energy usage. One of the most important things that it offers is that it can let you know if there is any damage to your device.

Through these solar monitoring systems, you will be able to notice when the device seems to fluctuate in its performance. Thus, a quick analysis will be able to let you know if there is something wrong. If there seems to be a quick drop in the generation output of your solar panel, or if it seems to be suffering some malfunction, then that is the time that you need to take a closer look at your energy system.

These solar monitoring systems are a small investment in order for you to preserve the efficiency and reliability of your solar panels. Plus, they save you the time and effort of having to go and check on the solar panels yourself!

Benefits of Having a Solar Panel

Who wouldn’t want to save the environment while cutting utility costs, right? Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment, compared to any other energy resource that we have right now. Not only that, it also has an extremely noticeable impact on your energy bill, as you will be using less from your utility supplier. It might be an investment in the beginning, but it will definitely pay off.

Since getting a solar panel is a big investment, it only means that you need to preserve its quality and reliability for you to reap benefits for many years to come. You can do that by following our tips above to keep your solar panel working and powering your home for as long as possible!

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