Solar Thermal Services

Solar thermal services.

Solar thermal services.

A great way to heat the water in your property whilst leaving little or no carbon footprint.

Leave it up to the sun to provide your hot water supply. Even in the UK, the sun can provide ample heat to generate a hot water source. Through technological advances, we have come a long way in the past 20 years to produce an efficient way of producing hot water from the sun’s heat.

We install, maintain and repair solar thermal systems with a wealth of experience. We have been working with solar thermal products for over 13 years and have the experience and knowledge to give our customers peace of mind.

Call us for a free and no obligation advice service regarding your current system or one that you are considering for install.

Monthly Plans and Services
Bronze Contract
  • Inspection of the collector for damage**

  • Inspection of the air separator 

  • Ensuring the pressure gauge is performing that the system is pressurised

  • Ensuring the pipe insulation is not damaged

  • Tightening and inspection of all electrical connections

  • Adding anti-freeze to system if necessary

Silver Contract
  • Cleaning filters/strainers

  • Inspection of the water pipes for any leaks

  • Ensure the cylinder is installed correctly

  • Check the operation of thermal protectors

  • Ensure that the temperature sensors are fitted correctly 

  • Ensure that the system been fitted correctly

Gold Contract
  • Our Gold contract is exclusively for those who have had their system installed by us and who purchased their Gold contract at the time of their installation.

    If you have had a Gold contract in the past you will be eligible for this.

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